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16.Jan.12 | Major Updates - Initial testing of new MCQ bank
26.Sep.11 | BMA Book Awards 2011 - "Highly Commended"
17.Sep.11 | AMEE Conference: 29th-31st August 2011, Vienna
14.Jul.11 | ASME Scientific Meeting: July 2011, Edinburgh
13.Jul.11 | Free medical ethics and law MCQs revision
13.Jul.11 | Upcoming updates to the MoE

Minsistry of is a non-commercial student-run project aiming to bring learning about Medical Ethics and Law into the Web 2.0 era, revision notes, MCQs & EMQs, case videos and scenarios, and discussions with other students and professors or lecturers from across the UK and beyond.

The website is the perfect revision resource for medical students, clinical students and juniors doctors to learn more about MEL.

Doctors are so much more than walking books of facts; they are faced with ethically and legally challenging situations throughout their professional lives.

Medical ethics education helps make students aware of the situations that they will face in the clinical setting and suggests appropriate ways of approaching them. In the long term, it aids the development of moral and ethical reasoning that will allow student doctors to understand other people's views, helping them to become more empathetic and caring clinicians.

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