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Written By Philip Xiu & Jacky Wong

We have been working hard on the latest development of

Our pet project this week is to provide an integrated MCQ database on medical ethics and law, which is linked to the user accounts. That way, the users can track their performance over time, and help with their revision!

The sneak peek screenshot of the new interface is below:

A screenshot of the questions page.

Screenshot of the score review page on your personal control panel.

It is based on JavaScript code, and thus should now work on iPhones! (Previously our medical ethics and law MCQs was based on Flash, and we had difficulty integrating into the database with user accounts).

We are busy integrating the new MCQ database with the website, and once it is done, you should be able to see a vast improvement in graphics and usability of the medical ethics and law MCQs. We have also written another 30 new MCQs across the different topics, and are adding them into the database as we speak.

We have got other projects on MoE in the pipline, so keep your eyes peeled for the updates to come!

We welcome new contributors (students and editors alike) and feedback on the current website, so if you would to get involved with Ministry of Ethics/have any comments, please do drop us an email on: and

We look forward to hearing from you!

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