Needlestick Injury

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Learning Objectives:-
  • Best interests, autonomy and rights of incompetent patient
  • The significance and limits of respect for patient autonomy
  • Conflicts of interest between doctors and patients
  • Informed consent, voluntariness and disclosure of diagnosis

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice

  • Royal College of Nursing: Needlestick injuries - The point of prevention
  • NHS Scotland: Needlestick injury - Sharpen your awareness
  • Burrows LA, Padkin A. "A survey of the management of needlestick injuries from incapacitated patients in intensive care units" Anaesthesia. 2010 Sep;65(9):880-4

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newbie says...
This is a really interesting situation, and one which is probably encountered commonly in clinical practice. I didn't realise that there is still no precedent on these types of cases
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Author: Philip Xiu

Editor: Jacky Wong

Voice Actors: Jacky Wong & Philip Xiu