HIV Confidentiality Part I

This case video is entirely fictional. Please read our disclaimer before viewing
Learning Objectives:-
  • Best interests, autonomy and rights
  • The significance and limits of respect for patient autonomy
  • Recognition of the legal and ethical boundaries of the clinical discretion to withhold information

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice


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Les Ann says...
I thought I read something ages ago when I did A level law about someone who knowingly transmitted HIV and was prosecuted? Anyone here know what I'm talking about?
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Tonythetiger replied... Yeah, you're thinking of Roy Cornes. He was an HIV-positive haemophiliac who was accused of recklessly infecting four women. He died before his case could reach court.
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Les Ann replied...
Cheers! I was looking for that! Read up a bit more of this, apparently the Law Commission 1993 wanted to setup a separate offense specificly for transmitting HIV recklessly, but like you said he dies before it went to court
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Les Ann replied...
Dica R v 2005 Just found a case that went to court. D was convicted on a retrial because he infected a woman with HIV – so called biological GBH. Sentenced to 4.5 years. The court ruled that it was unlikely that you would consent to a risk of m
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Author: David Ledingham

Editors: Philip Xiu, Jacky Wong

Voice Actors: Salaj Masand, Zoe-Monnier-Hovell