HIV Confidentiality Part II

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Learning Objectives:-
  • Concepts of best interets, autonomy and rights
  • When is it legally, professionally and ethically justifiable or mandatory to breach confidentiality (balance of public interests)

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice

    • Survey of HIV patients' views on confidentiality and non-discrimination policies in general practice BMJ 1996; 312 : 1463
    • NHS (Venereal disease) Regulations 1974
    • Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1988

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Les Ann says...
Really was surprised at this to be honest, always thought that GPs had all the clinical information!
| 0 votes
Chrissy says...
I think its important that the GP should get the information though! What if he was taking blood samples from the patient?
| 0 votes
Whistler replied...
Yes, but all blood taking prodecures should be sterile anyway! Always assume danger rather than presume safety!
| 0 votes

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Author: David Ledingham

Editors: Philip Xiu, Jacky Wong

Voice Actors: Salaj Masand, Zoe-Monnier-Hovell