Dealing with Authorities

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Learning Objectives:-
  • Informed consent, voluntariness and disclosure of diagnosis
  • Recognition of the legal and ethical boundaries of the clinical discretion to withhold information
  • When it is legally, professionally and ethically justifiable or mandatory to breach confidentiality (balance of public interests)
  • Conflicts of interest

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice


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Inaminate says...
Personally I would call the MDU as soon as I see the polcie steppign through the door!
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Tonythetiger replied...
To be fair the MPS ain't bad either
| 0 votes
Chrissy says...
Just goes to show that yo ushouldn;t always do what the police tells you to without checking up first :)
| 0 votes
Whistler says...
What does a serious crime mean though? Is there like a list anywhere? i.e. what crimes are counted serious enough to count that information can be passed on?
| 0 votes
almostadoctor replied...
There needs to public interest disclosure can be made. A serious crime is defined by the General Medical Council as "a crime that puts someone at risk of death or serious harm and would usually be crimes against the person, such as abuse of children"
| 0 votes
almostadoctor replied...
The Department of Health, defines serious crime as "murder, manslaughter, rape, treason, kidnapping, child abuse or other cases where individuals have suffered serious harm... Serious harm to the security of the state or to public order and crimes that i
| 0 votes
almostadoctor replied... "Where disclosure is justified it should be limited to the minimum necessary"
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Author: Titiksha Masand, Philip Xiu

Editors: Philip Xiu

Voice Actors: Tom Jones, Philip Xiu