Organ Donation

This case video is entirely fictional. Please read our disclaimer before viewing
Learning Objectives:-
  • The significance and limits of respect for patient autonomy
  • Proxy consent
  • Best interests of patients who lack capacity
  • Local, national and international prioritization in relation to clinical decisions

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice


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Les Ann says...
I think the government should really introduce opt-out donation
| 0 votes
almostadoctor replied...
Apparently 24 EU countries have an opt-out system (Spain, Austria, and Belgium) Looks like most people (66%) support opt-out system in the UK!
| 0 votes
GuadalupeYork says...
The very poor would happily participate in organ donation if paid, right? Well, New Zealand is considering this, but many people are arguing that saving lives is somehow unethical. Read more here
| 0 votes

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Authors: Salaj Masand

Editors: Philip Xiu, Jacky Wong

Voice Actors: Jacky Wong, Philip Xiu, and Victoria Turner