A 14-year-old And The Provision Of Contraception

This case video is entirely fictional. Please read our disclaimer before viewing
Learning Objectives:-
  • Rights and Interests of children
  • Capacity of young people to consent to and refuse treatment
  • Role of parents/guardians/HCP/courts in decisions about treatment of children
  • Ethical & legal issues in child protection
  • Application of the duty of confidentiality to young people

  Legal Aspects of the case

  Ethical Issues Raised

  In Clinical Practice


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almostadoctor says...
Whoa, this a a great piece of communication skill in action here!
| 0 votes
JaneB says...
I have to say that this is a fantastic piece of acting! Should have been nomianted for an oscar xx
| 1 votes
Dom replied...
The girl is a bit overly dramatic to be honest : )
| 0 votes
Chrissy says...
Presume you would have to make a lot of detailed notes to cover yourself!
| 0 votes
Jack says...
| 0 votes

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bmabookawards says...
Very knowledgeable teenager. As a GP I'd want to know what she understands by STIs, how old the boyfriend is. If she is that knowledgeable does she have any ideas what kind of contraception she's looking to? Sounds like there's a lot of peer pressure i

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Author: Jacky Wong

Editors: Philip Xiu

Actors: Tom Jones, Bekky Woolley