Author: Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. Dickens, Mahmoud F. Fathalla
    Publisher: Clarendon Press, Price: £25.00 RRP
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The book's is split into three parts, all complementing each other. Part I, theoretical and conceptual, provides the reader with a groudning in the fundamentals of ethics.

Part II has specific reproductive ethical issues, such as female genital cutting; use of sexual and reproductive health services by adolescent girls; medically assisted reproduction; involuntary female sterilization; counselling and care for women who are HIV-positive; and requests for pregnancy termination. The variety of examples discussed makes the book appealing to an interested reader, as it discusses the legal (mostly the UK and American law system), ethical and clinical issues.

Part III provides a historical appendix of sorts: providing reproductive health data from around the world; a list of human rights treaties and UN conference documents with references to sexual and reproductive health; and bibliographic details of key relevant papers that have appeared over the last 50 years.

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