Author: Donna Dickenson, Richard Huxtable, Michael Parker
    Publisher: Cambridge University Press, Price: £40.00 RRP
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This is an interesting book since this is the only one that is published with a CD-ROM. The CD-Rom contains 6 video cases.

The book is designed as a workbook for the student to use by following the activity guidelines. The inclusion of the CD-ROM along with the instructions makes this potentially a very strong resource. Sadly however, I was not able to get the video cases to play properly with my computer (Windows 7) or my other laptop (Windows XP). The software on installation looked dated, and maybe was designed for an earlier version of Windows. Advice for the authors would be to include perhaps an online component to the workbook instead of the provided CD-ROM.

The workbook itself consists of a series of guided exercises which are expanded upon by boxes featuring commentaries on legal and ethical issues. The text is possibly more suited to be used by a lecturer or facilitator as a lesson guide or a lecture guide, rather than be used by the student as a revision guide.

This is an exciting and innovative foray into changing the way on how medical ethics is learnt and taught by the inclusion of an interactive resource, and I can’t wait to see the next edition address some of the technical bugs to improve the book’s reach as well as educational use.

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