Author: Carolyn Johnston, Penelope Bradbury
    Publisher: Hodder Arnold, Price: £20.99 RRP
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Ethics and law can be learnt by rote and then applied to cases, or it can be learnt in a problem based learning fashion via case by case format. This book provides 100 such cases listed by ethical categories. The cases go in detail and explore each possible clinical situation that might be experienced by the medical student or clinician.

There are a series of two to five questions after each case which asks pertinent questions for the student to answer. The answers given address specifically the ethical, legal and clinical issues posed by each case drawing upon any such relevant guidelines.

There are “Key points” boxes which summarises the main points of the case.

Often medical students have problems with learning medical ethics and law because they sometimes find it hard to structure their learning. By dividing the key points of ethics up into cases, the result is that the students can easily dip in and out of the book at will and pick up on the key points and retain them.

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