Author: Tony Hope, Julian Savulescu, Judith Hendrick
    Publisher: Churchill Livingstone, Price: £22.99 RRP
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Based upon the Consensus statement from the IME (Institute of Medical Ethics), the book is divided into 2 parts. The first section covers ethical theories and the law. Whereas the second section covers the major ethics topics (consent, confidentiality etc).

Part 1 is especially useful for the "Introduction to Law" which covers the basics of law as relates to medicine. Including specifics on the European courts and how that affects the UK system.

Part 2 covers all the major ethical topics. What I found especially useful was the boxes which define key terms such as those encountered in the End of Life chapters, the relevant guidelines, and case examples and any legal legislation.

There are suggestions for further reading for any readers that want to delve into a topic more. This book should be a key component of every medical student’s revision schedule to cover the medical ethics and law curriculum.

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